I am Arlo Bernales. I am from the Philippines. I find it hard to gain new friends as much as I find it hard to talk to old/existing ones.

I reblog things that amuse me and those that I have interests in. Forever an Evanescence fan. I am a music, game and movie lover.

I follow back a blog if I find it likable or if we have the same interests or some of it. Hope you enjoy mine and thanks for stopping by.


1st February 2013

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True. *sigh*

True. *sigh*

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25th May 2012


6,000+ notes. Keep spreading the Courage Wolf wisdom!

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14th May 2012

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Wow. 2000+ notes

Thanks guys for continuously reblogging the photoset. Fuck Yeah Courage Wolf! 

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5th May 2012

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My Courage Wolf post was a hit.

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22nd April 2012

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Yeah I love Courage Wolf!

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27th November 2011

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Lately I’ve been addicted to all memes and comic strips…

Isn’t it obvious? xD

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