I am Arlo Bernales. I am from the Philippines. I find it hard to gain new friends as much as I find it hard to talk to old/existing ones.

I reblog things that amuse me and those that I have interests in. Forever an Evanescence fan. I am a music, game and movie lover.

I follow back a blog if I find it likable or if we have the same interests or some of it. Hope you enjoy mine and thanks for stopping by.


20th May 2013

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There’s nothing simple when it comes to you and I. Always something in this everchanging life. And there probably always will. Now that time is getting harder to come by, the same arguments are always on our mind. (We’ve) killed this slowly fading light.
— Rise Against; Everchanging

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19th May 2013

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I don’t know what’s better. That Jess and Nick uncalled it or that the song “I always knew” by The Vaccines was used at the end. xD

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18th February 2013

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Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra - The Bed Song


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6th February 2013

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Robin Daggers - P.S. I Love You

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3rd February 2013

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Let Your Heart Hold Fast - Fort Atlantic

"To believe I walk alone, is a lie that I’ve been told. So let your heart hold fast, for this soon shall pass. Like the high tide takes the sand."

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22nd January 2013

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When they’re so alone they find a back door out of life.
Evanescence; The Only One

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9th October 2012

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If I wanna play, I can play with me. If I wanna think, I’ll think in my head.
Kate Nash; Mariella

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20th August 2012

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The Floating Men - Friday Afternoon

I can’t believe these guys aren’t that famous..

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10th July 2012

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In one of my subjects, we are to pick our favorite music video and explain why. This is mine and I have been in love with this video since I was in second year high school. This will be really fun ‘cause almost all of my classmates right now were devoted Christians and are very religious. Can’t wait to see the looks on their faces. x]

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15th June 2012

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Crooked Fingers - Heavy Hours

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