I am Arlo Bernales. I am from the Philippines. I find it hard to gain new friends as much as I find it hard to talk to old/existing ones.

I reblog things that amuse me and those that I have interests in. Forever an Evanescence fan. I am a music, game and movie lover.

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10th July 2012

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In one of my subjects, we are to pick our favorite music video and explain why. This is mine and I have been in love with this video since I was in second year high school. This will be really fun ‘cause almost all of my classmates right now were devoted Christians and are very religious. Can’t wait to see the looks on their faces. x]

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27th April 2012

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Within Temptation - The Howling

Been obsessing over this song for two days now…x]

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3rd April 2012

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R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts

"If you’re on your own in this life. The days and nights are long. When you think you’ve had too much of this life to hang on.”

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2nd April 2012

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R.E.M. - Losing My Religion

"Life, is bigger. It’s bigger than you, and you are not me."

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21st March 2012

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Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know

Current LSS…

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26th January 2012

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I am so in love with the new video…xDD

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19th January 2012

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I can’t wait for the full video…xD

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16th September 2011

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Emilie Autumn - I Know It’s Over (The Smiths)

Emilie covering I Know it’s Over by The Smiths. Just brilliant. x]

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27th July 2011

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Girl Anachronism by The Dresden Dolls -

I love this song. It’s very discordant and has an amazing palette of lyrics. Listen and enjoy!


All time favorite Dresden song…xD

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19th July 2011

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Cradle Of Filth - The Death of Love

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